Car Drives Into Man At Tempe Bus Stop; leg amputated

IMG_20150301_114634513~2So as things turn out, drivers lose control and drive up on sidewalks on a regular basis. Seriously, just look around. People sometimes get hurt; it’s a random function of being there. What happens to all these reckless drivers? Hard to know, many times nothing, like the young man who killed a jogger on an Ahwatukee sidewalk a few years ago. In other cases, these are hit-and-run; nobody pays, so you pay for the damage through increased taxes and insurance rates. Continue reading Car Drives Into Man At Tempe Bus Stop; leg amputated

Godaddy go slow again?

This picks up where godaddy-troubles-slow-wordpress-grid-hosting-solution left off. Azbikelaw has been on so-called grid hosting from godaddy ever since the migration of Nov 2010. And it’s been pretty good ever since; it’s not blazing fast, e.g. on one particular afternoon saw a full  wordpress homepage load in under 3 seconds; 1st byte at under a second. So, acceptable.  As we learned in Dec of 2014 when problems arose trying to use wordpress on, grid hosting is no longer available for new accounts (i.e. azbikelaw is “grandfathered”). So, at that time to transitioned (albeit manually, I had to reload everything from scratch) to “cPanel” hosting. The pricing is the same. Continue reading Godaddy go slow again?

1 dead, 1 injured after car hits bicyclists; riders were owners of Havasu bike store

Wednesday, 7/1/2015, ~ 0705am; Lake Havasu City bicyclist Deborah Robison was killed and bicyclist Lawrence Smith was seriously injured when struck by a driver on SR-95 south, near SARA Park. [update: Smith died 7/5/2015 Second bicyclist dies after SR 95 collision in Lake Havasu City]

The nature of the road in that area is a rural highway with one lane in each direction and an unusable shoulder; unusable because it is both too narrow, AND has rumble strips in it. Sight lines are virtually unlimited — see sample on Google street view (that is an approximation/guess as to location)

Continue reading 1 dead, 1 injured after car hits bicyclists; riders were owners of Havasu bike store


The case of Trevor Clarke, an Ottawa Canada driver who was involved in a serious 2012 collision with a bicyclist while drunk, and then fled the scene raised quite a stir. According to news reports, the driver was convicted (by a judge, meaning this was for unstated reasons not a jury trial) in 2015 of “impaired driving causing bodily harm”, but was found not guilty of leaving the scene because the judge said. “I am left in a reasonable doubt about whether Mr. Clarke knew or was wilfully blind to having collided with a person, precisely because he was so drunk. He cannot, therefore, be convicted of this offence”. Continue reading Knowingly

City Cycling

My notations from the book: City Cycling edited by John Pucher and John Pucher and Ralph Buehler

Chapter: International Overview

Pucher has the same or similar table comparing fatalities/injuries for NL, DK, GER, UK,  USA (fig 2.6); i’m sort of confused by the injury rate calculations as I explained here in reference to another Pucher paper that was citing the same or similar data.

He also shows trends for a bunch of countries in fig 2.7 — it would be worth it to put that into Evan’s perspective of looking at the broader traffic safety picture internationally: Traffic fatality reductions: United States compared with 25 other countries. Continue reading City Cycling

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