Cyclist dead in Ahwatukee car wreck

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Both cyclist and motorist were westbound Pecos approaching 17th Ave. [NOTE the google maps has both new and old views of the striping — be sure you are seeing the current version of the stripes, see pic below]

Damage pictured indicated the driver struck the cyclist with the left – center portion of the front of car. More details are at; and reports the cyclist to be Dwayne Falkner, age 60 of Tempe “Mr Falkner is known in the cycling world as ‘Highly’ Falker… For at least a decade, Mr Falkner competed in cycling competitions. USA Cycling lists Mr Falkner’s participation in 15 competitions between 2004 and 2013″.

There was a memorial ride to pay respects to Highly Falkner Sunday, Nov 16th morning. See for some photos and a video of the event.
Article about the community meeting with officials from Phoenix Streets Dept, coordinated via Councilman Sal DiCiccio, held Thursday, Nov. 20 at 7:30 p.m.

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Crosswalk cyclist killed in crash w/ turning semi driver

Victim 23/M Brandon Rutledge; 11/6/2014, no time specified, video indicates it was daylight. 59th Avenue & Roosevelt, Phoenix; A semi tractor (video shows no trailer) was turning right from 59th Ave (direction was not specified) on to Roosevelt. The bicyclist had been riding on the sidewalk on 59th and continued through crosswalk, though the direction is not specified. “(phoenix police) did say the bicyclist appears to have broken some traffic laws” may be incorrect, Phoenix PD tends to fault bicyclists riding in crosswalks despite it not being illegal. I have attempted repeatedly to point this out to Phoenix PD; e.g. when an 82-year-old driver left-crossed and killed an 11-year-old girl , they determined the driver had done nothing wrong.

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79 y.o. Bicyclist killed in gated-community car crash North of Tucson

11/7/2014 ~ morning time “(PCSO) said the man was riding eastbound on Hawks Wing Drive, when he was struck by a car heading southbound on Mooncrest Drive” Hawks Wing Dr, which has a stop sign, is on the stem of a T intersection with Mooncrest. [google maps]

The 79 y.o. male victim’s name is Richard Hayward Leon.

KGUN photo

These are both residential streets; and the location is within a gated-community, which makes this highly unusual.

That it is on private streets probably means this is a “non-traffic” traffic fatality — that it won’t count towards traffic statistics, and will not be entered into ADOT traffic collision database, nor will it be reported to FARS when the time comes. This somehow seems wrong, so I want to make note of it and keep an eye out.

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Fatal bicyclist collision with Tucson PD unmarked vehicle

11/1/2014 ~ 10:15pm, victim: Francisco Galvez.  The location was on 1st Ave “near” Navajo Rd. 1St Ave is a multi-laned arterial-looking road; Navajo is a minor street that is offset at 1st Ave — in other words it makes two intersections with 1st. I’m not sure exatly what “near” means.

The report notes the bicyclist had a functioning headlight, and had a taillight but didn’t know if it was working (that should have no bearing on the angle collision described).

here’s the report.

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Chandler officer killed in motorcycle wreck

The Chandler police force is reeling from the deaths of two officers in unrelated traffic collisions…

(on-duty) City of Chandler Police “Officer David Payne, 37, was sitting on his police motorcycle at a red light at about 12:40 a.m. 10/31/2014 Friday when a car rear-ended him at the intersection of Chandler Boulevard and Pennington Drive.” Causing his death. “Police arrested Tempe resident Brian Yazzie, 31, on suspicion of manslaughter and hit-and-run for his role in the collision”. Oh yeah,  plus his license was suspended in (and, presumably, since) 2010. — azcentral

Earlier this week

(off-duty) Chanlder police officer Bryant Holmes was killed while on his way to work. Investigators said the driver that hit him ran a red light and are recommending 28-672 charges (a minor misdemeanor). 10/28/2014 ~ 2:30pm.

Gilbert police are recommending that an SUV driver be charged for a collision that resulted in the death of a Chandler police officer on his way to work Tuesday, according to a police spokesman. A preliminary investigation concluded that Austin Beasley, 20, ran a red light and hit Holmes’ motorcycle in a Gilbert intersection, a police spokesman said Wednesday. Beasley may face a charge of one count of causing serious physical injury or death by a moving violation, Gilbert police spokesman Sgt. Jesse Sanger said. Holmes, 34, was going northbound on Recker Road and went to turn left onto Baseline Road when he was struck by a Jeep Cherokee headed west on Baseline, Sanger said. Everyone involved in the fatality cooperated with police… — azcentral

Road rage: on-duty Phx police officer arrested

Road rage really does make some people do wacky stuff.

Oiy: an older gentleman (age? maybe 60?) and his neighbor were on their way to Monday morning Mass when they got into a road rage incident with the driver of van. The driver of the van, as things turn out, is an on-duty Phoenix Police officer transporting some prisoners in an unmarked van. Anyway, the police officer ended up pulling his gun; and he, the police officer, has since been arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault. This is a huge charge so it will be interesting to see how that turns out.

A couple of interesting points; the case apparently involves surveillance video (it would make sense the van has that) — this will be interesting video to watch.

The police officer after the “stop” drove off. The occupants of the other vehicle immediately made a police report — this is key to not let road-bullies slide, whoever they are.

The arrested police officer was 51-year-old Jeremy Sweet. In the other car were former state legislator “Ruiz and his passenger, fellow churchgoer Monica Rivera”.

azcentral — Phoenix man: Officer made me fear for my life


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